About You and Us

about me

You are our customers, the decisions you make and choice you take are our bread and butter and everything we do, worth it. Our aim is to serve you to give you the tools to get the information you need (sometimes when you don't think you need it) to you for whatever it is you need to do.

The hidden obvious is what we expose.

Current Projects

As a start-up aimed at enabling people to organise everything around them we are currently building apps tailored to the way we work that we can update, and change the way we want. This is always with the view that these are works in progress as well as this because we use them eveyday we think other people will too.


Exactimundo is a project and life management tool, mashed with a budgeting tool with tags as the glue. This app will help us manage our time and money without the constant toing and froing between different apps.


Resindex, short for resistance index is an self-prioritising list. It will fit quite neatly into exactimundo but can sit outside and work on its own as well. We like this app and I think others will like it too.


Like us you probably have a mobile phone, bank accounts and broadband at home. Apart from giving us the service we pay for they also hand out loyalty rewards; reducing bills, a free trip to the cinema, day trips and going out. We love those rewards and built this website so that we could find them easily. Now so can you!

Momentum Fund Investing

We are very interested in managing our own money and investments, we love economic systems, world events and investing in investment funds. This application monitors world events and investment funds so that you can benefit at the invest at the right time and also get out at the right time.

Protect My Pet

Protect my pet is a commisioned project. We built the website and maintain it.

Enmumera Labs Blog

This blog is about personal development, management and anything else we are interested in, its a mixed bag, cos we are a very eclectic bunch!

Lets hear it!

We would love to hear from you - your ideas, and your thoughts about our apps. We live by our motto and aim to enable to people to have everything organised around them looking at everythday things a different way all for the better.

Feel free to send us an email